Your Imagination Is a Gift

Why do you write? Why do you rhyme? Why do you paint or draw? Why do you build?

Most people want to see the world a better place. We might not always see eye-to-eye on how to do that in a holistic sense, but one thing that spurs on the creatives and artists is a desire to make the world a little more beautiful. Some simply want to entertain. Some wish to inspire. Others long to provoke thought or create change. Others create for different reasons or combine reasons together.

Your imagination is a gift.

However you decide to put it to use, use it well. Let it soar. Inspire, encourage, entertain.


Image cred: Photo by Louis Maniquet on Unsplash

Let’s Talk Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block.

Whether you’re a professional author or sometimes storyteller, you know it. Those moments, days, weeks, or in my worst case several years where you want to write but something is stopping you.

The imagination seems to shut off. The motivation vanishes. You hate the words you see on the page/screen, trash it all, and walk away wondering if you’ll ever write again.

Fortunately, often time will get you past. Maybe you need to drink a cup or twelve of coffee. Maybe ponder nature. Maybe take a walk.

The thing I’ve found that’s helped me most is to ask my wife for ideas. She’s good at helping me brainstorm and I can take a sentence or two from her and churn out pages. I’ve even had stories win awards that way.

What about you? How do you fight the block?

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